Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lambie and Rammy's Grand Adventure

Lambie, who was introduced to you all some time ago, arrived in Canberra. There she met a handsome young sheep called Rammy. Rammy comes from New Zealand too, but lives with his friend Liddy in Canberra.

Lambie and Rammy hit it off straight away, and could be seen smooching on the couch while everyone else was jumping on the trampoline.

Then one day they went on a GRAND ADVENTURE!

They drove to a big forest and climbed an enormous tree together.

They watched Liddy and Bella's kites flying in the sky.

Suddenly, a big eagle stole them away and put them in her nest!!

But Rammie climbed out and called to the girls, and they rescued them. Phew!!

The eagle was really angry!! He stole the lambs again and put them in a cage so they wouldn't escape a second time. The girls had gone off to eat ice-cream, so the lambs had to find their own way out.

First they had to climb up.......

and out of the cage......

swing over some big wires....

slide down a gangway....

slip through some pipes....

ooh those lambies are a little chubby, so it was quite a squeeze!!

Finally, they rode on an elephant.....

to a nice safe place where the eagle couldn't get them.

Lambie is so proud of Rammy for looking after her. He's one cool guy!!

This tale is brought to you today with lots of help from Liddy Brooks, Rammy's mum

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cool times

Hokitika markets itself as "a cool little town". Personally, I couldn't quite see it. Sure there were some quirky second hand stores and a few bright painted buildings but the overwhelming impression for me was crass commercialism in the guise of multiple jade/pounamu galleries and other crafty stores. Painted rocks anyone?

The beach, however, was pretty cool, with lots of driftwood washed up. My second evening there I took the opportunity to take some sunset pictures, then tweak them in Lightroom to get some oh so nice colours.

South of town is Hokitika Gorge, which has awesome turquoise water, white limestone rocks, and obligatory suspension bridge over it.

There's also a couple of pretty lakes with walks in the forest around them, the option to go kayaking, and a nice waterfall.

My favourite walk was a walk down to a beach a bit south of Hokitika, through remnant coastal rainforest. I'm loving the lush greenery everywhere, sometimes it even looks like topiary!

Two nights was enough time in the "cool little town" before heading further north. I headed inland a little to check out some old mining tunnels near Goldsworthy, then met up with the Arthur's Pass Highway to see a remnant glacial boulder called Londonderry Rock. I mean it's just a rock folks, not exactly a tourist attraction…

Back down on the coast road I headed straight through Greymouth, stopping for lunch at a small estuary at the northern end of the Point Elizabeth walk. I decided against taking the walk, but instead headed on to Punakaiki, where I plan to stay a few days.

The Coastal Road from Greymouth to Westport is spectacular, with numerous rockstacks emerging from the churning Tasman Sea. There's some pretty mean surf coming in, and on the other side of the road is rainforest covered karst country. And you know how much I love karst!

Later in the afternoon I walked the Truman Track, another short walk through coastal rainforest to the beach, in this case a sandstone cove in which you can see blue penguins. The tide was coming in so we couldn't walk along the beach, and we didn't see any penguins. Nevermind, I shall return.

I've decided to stay at Punakaiki a few more days, as the hostel I'm staying at is right on the beach and reminds me of home. It's quiet but for the crashing waves, and the vibe is relaxed. There's lots of walks into Paparoa National Park, as well as the Pancake Rocks, plus some nice beach walks, so I doubt I'm going to be bored.

There's even more sunny days forecast.