Where to next??

Update Jan 2017:

First off I'm renovating my house. Creating a self contained flat that I can move in to and then rent out my 3 bedroom beach house for some income. Then I can happily come and go without the hassle of finding house sitters.

Mid March I'm heading over to Sydney for a university reunion, so decided to tack on a visit to see mum and a one week bushwalk through the tail end of Kosciusko National Park. My brother and another friend are joining me, so I'm back into trip preparation for that.

Late April I head back to NZ. I'll be doing some house sitting in Christchurch, and then heading south to Wanaka for the ski season. I hope to get some part time ski instructing work, and also resit my Level 2 exam.

After the ski season I might hang around a bit longer in NZ and do some walking, or tramping as they call it over the ditch. As you can see below, that's one from my wish list.

That's all I've planned so far. A bit less crazy than 2016....

Other stuff I'd like to do:

Cradle Mountain Track in Tasmania. I'd actually like to do more than just the five day crossing - there's some wicked walking and scenery in that whole region.

Spend a year in New Zealand, walking all the great walks and maybe even the end to end one (Te Araroa). I may have to do some skiing too...

Trekking in Western Sichuan Province, China. There's a rich Tibetan culture alive and well in this region with some great high altitude trekking, glaciers, wilderness... and no tourists.

There's lots of awesome trekking in Europe, the more I research the more I want to spend a few years just doing that. Only those silly Schengen rules...

See a bit more of Western Australia - I still haven't been to Karijini, Mt Augustus, Kennedy Ranges or Lake Ballard and Goldfields region. All in my backyard (OK a few thousand kms between them but this is Australia!!)

At least six months in India, including some Himalayan trekking. Ladakh seems pretty interesting.

Visit Myanmar.

Explore The Phillipines. It's a country that seems to not get its fair share of tourists for some reason. I am reliably informed that the beaches are superb (not that I'm really into beaches...)

Get the hell to South America! Did you know I studied Spanish way back when because I planned to go to South America, and I never did? I'll get there...

Check out Russia and the Stans. Just for the hell of it.

Italy for fucks sake! Yep, guess who studied Italian planning to go cycle touring there? Yep, that'll be me.

France to watch Le Tour. I mean why not? And go hit up all my frenchie friends for free accommodation and good ski times...

Oh that'll do for now, but feel free to offer me more ideas


  1. Sounds like you have some good ideas already - impressed by your spirit and attitude. I have been sorting through some of your posts about Indonesia, looking to return after 20 years away. I have much the same opinion that LP and others do a disservice to travel opportunities. West Java is a good case in point.

    Great inspiration, thank you.


    1. Thanks Andrew. Yes there's a lot to do in West Java, am glad I returned to give it more time, but still, I only scratched the surface. I've spent almost 3 months visiting Java and still there's more to see. Indonesia is pretty easy to travel in these days, but no doubt more expensive than 20 years ago. The friendliness and hospitality is just awesome.