About Hazel

Hi, I'm Hazel, the real owner of this blog.

I'm a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, born in Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory. Because of my birth rite I don't have a problem with lightning, thunder or tropical storms. Personally I enjoy watching them, lots of fun! I don't like slamming doors though, but these days I'm so deaf it doesn't matter.

I also like fireworks. Mum once took me to Kalbarri and I stood up on one of the tinnies by the river for a good view. I think the stranger whose shoulder I leant on was a bit surprised though. They were pretty spectacular that year too!

I love travelling. I'm a regular front seat passenger in mum's truck having spent my early years travelling the highway between Darwin and Katherine on a weekly basis, did road trips to Geraldton and back on windsurfing trips, and did a circumnavigation of Australia with mum when she worked as a locum back in 2000. I have also flown in small planes out to remote Aboriginal communities and I used to come with mum on her work trips in the Murchison. I've been on a couple of boats too, but I really don't like it when mum dons the scuba gear and disappears below the waves. She banned me after the last time, something about howling too much....

I'd really like to travel with mum on her overseas trips, but Australia has such strict quarantine rules that mum would have too much trouble getting me home again. So it seems I'm destined to be only a well travelled Aussie pooch.

Some more about me here

These days I don't get about too much. When you get to my age you spend most of the time sleeping. I like a good walk along the beach and enjoy playing with my mate, young Maggie, who lives next door.  Occasionally I write a post for mum on the blog - these days I have her permission.
I had a lovely 15th Birthday in May when we went up to Coros for a swim. I've spent every summer of my life hanging out on that beach with the windsurfing crowd. Sigh....

On November 22 2013 mum took me to the vet for my final visit, after the arthritis in my left leg just got so bad I couldn't walk anymore. Mum didn't want me to suffer so she did the right thing and I went peacefully. Thanks mum.

If you'd like to share your memories of me, please add a comment below, I know mum would like that, and because I'm watching somewhere, don't expect you've heard the last of me!!

And as for mum, you can read about her on this page.


  1. Go Hazel. You would have got on so well with Pep over at the Rocky Springs Rambles (www.rockysprings.wordpress.com)

  2. Hazel will be at Coronation Beach this summer. She will be in that spot you can't quite see, just out of the corner of your eye. She will have just passed a moment before or will arrive a moment later. She will also run on the beach at Drummonds Cove and sleep in favorite places at her Tailer St home. She'll be around for a while, checking up on things, love you Hazel and Naomi. xxx