Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goddess wipes out snowboarder **BREAKING NEWS**

It was fast, it was furious and that fucking snowboarder should learn not to traverse straight across a minor slope at such speed. There I was skiing leisurely down the left hand side of a wide slope, small turns, minding my own business when out of my right peripheral vision comes scooting an out of control snowboarder right in front of my path. Nowhere to go, I just plowed right into him, toppling him ass over tit, losing my ski, bending my pole and leaving me with a rather sore right shoulder. Bugger!!!

With a lesson booked for 10 that morning, I was just warming up, but now I was down for the count.
The snowboarding crew helped me back on my feet and into my ski and I cruised painfully down to the base. A quick inspection of the shoulder revealed no deformity or bruising, just a little redness. I could move my arm in all directions, but boy it was painful. Short trip to the medical centre for drugs and snow-in-a-bag, a postponement of my lesson, then a few coffees in the cafe before one of the locals gave me a lift home after lunch. And the shoulder is feeling better, thank goodness for anti-inflammatories....

Kel and Janet have arrived for 9 days, after me badgering them for at least 2 years to GTFOH rather than only ski the piddly slopes of Perisher. And at 70 they get to ski TC for free so why not? Am looking forward to skiing with them, and maybe even going heliskiing if my shoulder comes good. Pushing myself up out of thick snow with a sore shoulder...... don't think so!

The goddess is into her final two weeks, so is hoping to get out to a few more restaurants while her Sydney friends are here. The restaurant scene in Wanaka has definitely improved, even since last year, with some really good eateries. Pricing is about comparable with Geraldton, or cheaper once you factor in the squishy NZ exchange rate but there's a severe lack of BYO opportunities. The food quality is a cut above Gero though, but that's hardly a complement. Tonight it's lamb shanks and sticky date pudding at Kel and Janet's lodge, will go down nicely with the Central Otago Pinot Noir I bought today. Goddess turned snotty food critic!!!

Well I must pop up to the pool for a little personal hydrotherapy. All doped up, the shoulder is definitely feeling alot better.

And as for the snowboarder? He was big and burly and I hardly left a scratch. Damn!!!!!!

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