About Me

Hi, I'm Naomi, nice to meet you.

I began this blog back in 2008 when I burnt out pretty spectacularly from my job as a GP working in Aboriginal Health. I did a bit of healing and took a year off work and went travelling through South East Asia for almost seven months, then returned back to work.

I don't often talk about work, mainly because it's such a complex issue that I find impossible to articulate without making simplistic generalisations. Also, my blog is about me expressing the other side of me, the creative side, the downtime from the stress of the day job. It's not that I don't like my job or that I am anything but passionate about what I do, but it's all too easy for doctors to be seen in such a one dimensional way. Guess what? I'm a person too!!

I love travelling, and after spreading my wings a bit more I began saving my pennies in order to retire early and go see the world. And share it with you all of course.

In July 2015 I achieved that goal, mainly financed by selling some real estate in Sydney that had helpfully appreciated considerably in the 20 years that I owned it.

So now, I'm a full time traveller who still has a home base, even if I'm rarely there...

And then there's Hazel. To find out about her you have to read her page.


  1. Can understand your burnout, I worked a few contracts nursing in the outback, more rural than Aboriginal health, but I know the demands it makes of doctors. Glad you are doing well now