Friday, April 10, 2009

It just couldn't last

I blame it all on Rod and Vida. Vida is an old uni friend who with her partner Rod have set up a business offering conferences at ski fields in Canada in January every year. Otherwise known as a tax deductible holiday! Well I'm on their mailing list and the other day Rod sent me an email regarding the dates for 2010. I'd love to ski Canada, and given that my legs are probably in the best shape they've been for years, I started perusing airline websites for possible flights. Now that depressed me somewhat, so I then decided to look up flights to NZ. And then on an impulse I booked them!!!

Well I'll have been back working for 4 or 5 months and will definitely need a holiday by then!! And it seems such a waste to have nice boots and skis sitting gathering dust in the garage. I am not even going to think right now about whether I can fit into my jazzy red ski bunny suit.....oh my god!! Thank goodness feet don't grow!

Skiing is notoriously expensive, so I've booked into the backpackers for two weeks for an absolute bargain price, and will do the shuttle bus up the mountain every day. This will give me ten whole days at my number one favourite ski resort, Treble Cone, and also a chance to check out the wacky local cinema I've been told about in Wanaka.

So now I've got to keep up the cycling (I'm doing 90km a week currently) and start doing a few squats to get those ski legs back. And steel myself to try on the bunny suit......

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  1. Naomi - you are not alone in immediately planning new trips as soon as you come home... sounds like lots of fun