Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who turned the oven on?

OMG!! That first blast of summer is one hell of a shock. Why only on Monday a cold front came through and it got awfully cold and I even lit the fire. It only lasted a few hours and I was out windsurfing later in the arvo, but even so....

"Fan forced oven" hot winds arrived with a vengeance yesterday, burning the tomatoes and shrivelling the greens, a quick lesson in what I am in for this summer. Should I really persist with the shade tunnel idea, or submit to the inevitable? At any rate it's time to turn on the reticulation and start my gardening days at 6am if I'm to beat the heat. Of course the upside is more time swinging in the hammock on the verandah reading books! Not much else to do when the mercury tops 40!

The heat will only be with us for a couple of days, before we revert down to the low 30s and the sea breezes kick in. The onset of this weather pattern of highs followed by troughs, means the windsurfing season has well and truly arrived and it's time for some serious fun. Is that an oxymoron??

Now the beauty of my part time work arrangements become apparent, with only two days a week when I work till 4:30pm, the other afternoons I have off. Lots of time for windsurfing means I can still cycle in to work as well. Not sure how I'll go on the really hot days though....

well, must get back to my novel in the hammock......

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  1. When I saw the weather in Gero I immediately thought of your vegetables. Hope they survive!!