Monday, March 22, 2010

Countdown to Java

It's a mere 3 more sleeps till I take an evening flight down to Perth then an early morning Air Asia flight to KL before connecting on to Jakarta. My domestic leg takes one hour each way but costs more than the entire international leg combined. You've got to love these budget airlines, even if some of their flight times are unsociable. I don't want to think about my carbon footprint though...

The trick to budget travel is to expect that for that price, you can't expect any semblance of comfort. That way you will not be disappointed, but might be pleasantly surprised. One of my biggest bugbears when travelling is listening to western travellers whingeing about the quality of bus/ train/plane travel when they've paid less than the price of a McDonalds burger for the seat. Perhaps I exaggerate, but guys: shut it!! Or pay up for comfort.

I'm fully packed with my tiny backpack well under the max cabin size and weighing right on 7kg, so I'll be doing carry-on only on this trip. I've a number of couch surfing and hospitality club contacts who have offered to host me and I'm at saturation point with my Indonesian language lessons. Yep, I'm ready to go.

And to top it off we had rain this weekend, awesome!!

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