Monday, December 6, 2010

Productive weekend

One thing to be said about a wind free weekend is at least it means I have the time and energy to do other projects. We had a lovely cool two days which meant I could have a very productive time working on the camper trailer. First it gets attacked with the wire brush, then the rust kill, then a coat or two of red primer, then up to three coats of "hammered steel" finish. Not to mention a complete overhaul with a new stove setting and storage space created by yours truly out of leftover pieces of wood and detritus from my garage. My years of hoarding have borne fruit and my carpentry skills are improving if I say so myself! I may well vie with Rose this year for best camp kitchen, even if her fella owns the local camping store!!

The painting has done my head in though. Today I had a personal training session at the gym using the group fitness room, which is carpetted with a grey carpet flecked with red. There I am doing some seriously hard ab work, and I'm thinking that the undercoat is still showing through and another overcoat of grey paint is needed. Seriously.....this is the carpet I'm talking about.......

It's only two weeks till I take the camper down to Coronation Beach for the annual Xmas/New Year session, when I hope to get enough time on the water to crack those loops. I will, however, be jetting over east to spend the actual day with mum and any other siblings in town, but not for long when there's wind and waves to be had. Kate has chucked her job, so she'll be keen to put those loops to bed as well.

One more weekend to go....

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