Sunday, January 9, 2011

Calling All Women (by Ruby Dee)

Calling all sisters. Calling all Righteous sisters. Calling all women. To steal away To our secret place. Have a meeting Face to face. Look at the facts And determine our pace.
Calling all Women. We want to reach – first and second And Third world women Come together!
Women in and outside the power structure –

Working women, Welfare women, Women who feel alienated and isolated Women who are all frustrated Women who have given up – women – women Questioning women – women

Unpolarized and unorganized. Ostracized. Tired of being penalized Come help us start to bridge the gaps Racial, cultural, or generation We want some action and veneration.

These men, these men they Just ain’t doing it. They’ve had hundreds of years Now they ’bout to ruin it.

Kitchen, office, ex-prison women Old and young and middle-aged women Make this scene

Oh yes, and bring your lunch!

Problems, problems common problems That we make and cause each other Sister, daughter, old grandmother Female child you can bring your little brother

Take the subway, grad a cab Saddle your mule Bike it, limo Take a choo-choo, fly Or pick ‘em up and lay ‘em down.

Socialism, capitalism, communism Feminism, womanism, lesbianism Here-and-now or futurism We just can’t afford a schism

We got to get together or die.

Now is the time for an evolution Let’s all search and find a solution For how we’ll make it to the next revolution

Or die.
Oh yes. And don’t forget your lunch!

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