Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wading through the jungle

6 weeks away from home. My meteorological predictions were completely disproven this year, because whilst we weren't getting much precipitation over in NZ, it's been raining regularly back in Geraldton and the plants have been growing. Alot. So much rain that the driveway is covered in 2 foot high weeds!! And the vege patch? It's a jungle!!

It's been a colder than usual winter in Geraldton, or at least it's had lower temperatures for longer. I'm surprised to be needing to wear a jacket or jumper even during the day at times, but the biggest surprise is to return to an aphid free garden. For the first time in years I'm able to enjoy home grown broccoli in September, without having a single aphid infesting the plants and making them inedible. My neighbours have been cropping the veges as they mature, but there's still heaps left for me. Once I've waded through the tomato plants, found the lettuce and capsicum growing underneath them, marvelled at the new growth on the banana palm and dragon fruit vine, and removed the oat grass and other undesirables, I then need to start on the driveway. Perhaps I should take in WWOOFers....

A six week holiday does wonders for the psyche. Friends are keen to see you again, work doesn't seem half as hard as usual, and even Hazel didn't give me half the basting she usually does. I think that's because she considers the neighbours part of her pack and only one member (me) was missing so it was almost business as usual. She so adores sleeping on the couch in the sun on their verandah during the day, whether I'm home or not!
The persistent colder weather means we haven't yet cycled into the summer sea breeze pattern. Until the land warms up, those easterlies will be cold and we'll all be hanging out for a sail. There was a light souwester on Monday, but I have to admit that my injuries are still debilitating enough to probably keep me off the water for another week or so. Whether I cracked a rib or not, I'm unsure, but I sure as hell bruised 'em bad.

So it's rehab in the garden pulling weeds for me this weekend. Sweetened by home grown strawberries. Yum!

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