Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stuff that makes me smile

I love creating little spaces, either in the house or the garden, where I can stop and smile.

It might be a bit of garden sculpture/art, or a collection of objects, that fit a certain place to perfection.

My favourite is the spider web.

Not only because it was made for me by a dear friend's mother, and the spiders and flies became a school holiday project for the kids next door, but when I did the renovation downstairs to separate the laundry from the bathroom, I ended up with the perfect view of the web straight through the window.

it would help if I cleaned the window!

Then there's my silly dressed up wooden mask. You buy trinkets and then wonder what to do with them when you get home. The mask is from Vanuatu, the cap is Hmong from North East Vietnam, the nosering a Dzao necklace from North West Vietnam, the pipe from the Wa of south west China. This little installation guards my staircase and reminds me of the wonderful markets I visited in which all the objects were bought.

My "memory shelf" sits just above my computer desk. Every little object has a connection to a person, time or place of significance in my life. Looking at these creates a moment of peace and reflection, and of course warm memories...

Old copper plumbing make up the structure of this little piece of garden sculpture. It's just a bunch of junk put together to make some "flowers" but I love it framed against the beautiful stone wall in the ornamental north side garden.

The sailboard fence is my latest addition. Each board represents a period in my windsurfing progression, from flatwater sailer to wave junky, complete with obligatory crease through the middle of the red one from one too many flat landings. Ouch!! It's now a lovely functional part of my garden, with a seat and hooks for tools and towels and dog leads.

What stuff makes you smile?

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