Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Final days before going bush

This year is flying by, mostly because I've been doing so much. After flying back from NZ on Monday after a 3 month ski trip totalling 50 days on snow, it's all systems go stowing the winter gear and last minute packing for a 2 month walk through the bush!

There's unpacking my teeny tiny new camera (ordered before my NZ trip but it didn't arrive in time) and learning how to use it whilst I have access to a product guide. No worries, I downloaded a pdf to my Kindle....

Checking and cross checking the food parcel drops, labelling the envelopes and booking my accommodation in the track towns. Sending the first two off and writing a timetable for the other parcels to be sent off by my trusty support person in Perth.

Project management for this walk has been massive. Here is just one spreadsheet I've been working from, detailing my walk itinerary, accommodation in track towns en route, and addresses for sending my food parcels. There are other spreadsheets for my packing list, my food, and I've even printed out my recipes so I don't forget how to recombine my dried up ingredients.

Then there's making sure I can do all my banking and blogging using my smart phone apps, because the laptop isn't coming on this trip. Hopefully I can find internet in the track towns...

Final packing of the backpack, which weighs approx 14kg before I add water. That's with 8 days of food and fuel packed which is probably the heaviest it will be....

Then it's a bus trip down to Perth, final shop for fresh lunch supplies, and offload parcels with my friend.

A day at the Perth Show with the kids in which we scared them pretty bad going on the biggest meanest ride in the show. I ended up getting motion sickness, so their mum was the only one who enjoyed it. The dodgems were fun though

Then today we drove to Kalamunda and the start of the track. It's raining and windy, but that's not going to stop me.

Final picture before the phone gets turned off for the next 2 weeks.

See ya....

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