Sunday, March 8, 2009

Avoiding inertia

Returning home is like some amazing letdown. Nothing much has changed, someone drowned, a murder happened in the house behind mine which I blissfully slept through, but otherwise it's back to the job and the small town gossip.

"Over there" you are always on the go: packing, travelling, unpacking, packing etc, always new experiences just around the corner. But once you've done that final unpack, found somewhere to put all those purchases, handed over the gifts to loved ones and referred them back to the blog if they want to know about your trip (I'm sure there was a reason I laboured over this for 7 months?), it's then what next?? Curiously prescient with the title hey?

Well for me it's about the photography, something I've become increasingly passionate about. I'm spending my time ploughing through the 7000 plus images from this trip, finding the occasional gem amongst them and learning how to edit them. Then what to do with them?

The best way to show off your work is to display it on the internet, on a site that respects your copyright (unlike facebook) and demands a certain level of quality control. I've put the happy snaps on my picasa album, but I've now another site for selected edited works that are also available for sale. These ones are high quality - the Picasa ones are much lower quality and have all sorts of blemishes etc on them due to some pretty dirty lenses. The cards are particularly good value, and I might even do a calendar for 2010!

You can find it here

I'll be adding to the gallery as I edit more photos, so keep an eye out.

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