Monday, March 2, 2009

Looking back

It's been a week since I returned home and it may as well be a year. I've been out windsurfing twice, with another high wind big surf day on for this afternoon, promises to be wild but fun!! I've been to the hairdresser, been to a yoga class, am back to my regular massages and have mended the tyre on the bicycle so I can start commuting.

I begin work again in a week or so, just waiting for a phone call on that one - not all that eagerly I must admit, though will only be working half time for the near future. Hazel has settled down, though it still looks suspiciously like she is guarding the door from my imminent escape, just which one of us is the more paranoid??

I've downloaded over 7000 images onto my computer and am going through the agonising job of cataloguing them into keepers and chuckers, as well as those I might do something more with. Thank goodness for good photo editting software and my friends at Pantip Plaza in Bangkok!!

I've replaced my visa card, the number of which was used fraudulently by someone somewhere in my travels. The bank picked it up straight away, so no-one has lost money, just me a bit of inconvenience. Luckily I'm a multiple card carrying member of the credit variety so a different piece of plastic got flexed for a while.

I've even looked at my finances, and reckon I spent on average $500 a week. This included air fares, visas, trekking fees, tours, souvenir purchases, as well as some topend accommodation here and there. I'd bought some USD cash back when the AUD was almost one to one, but I'd lost the advantage 3 months later when I paid for my Vietnam tours with a credit card and effectively paid 30% more than if I'd paid up in August. That's life!!

All my posted boxes have arrived safely, bar one from Laos which should be here within the next month. I am sitting looking at all that silk and wondering what the hell I'm going to make with all of it? The blanket from Sapa looks fabulous on my daybed, as do the cushion covers also bought there. The Tibetan prayer flags have been artfully hung around the verandah, all I need now is an orange robed monk and I'll be set!

The bag is unpacked and I can happily say that everything in it (aside from the medical kit) was used at least once. However some stuff was only used once, so I'd have to think carefully about whether I'd take it again. If I hadn't gone trekking, and hadn't been madly into photography, I could easily have travelled with less than five kilograms of luggage. I often wondered at what the hell some of my fellow travellers actually had in their heavy bags.

It's now time to look forwards, earn some money, get back in the black, restock the pantry, paint the house, plant some veges, and psych myself up to doing a forward loop. I've heard it hurts less if you don't wear a helmet!!!

So stay tuned for what's next!!!!

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