Monday, May 31, 2010

That green time of year

You gotta love it when the rain starts falling and within a week or so everything begins to turn green. The farmers are busy seeding, and I've filled two of my new tubs with yummy soil and planted them up with veges. Now I just have to wait a month or two to start eating them!!

I can pretty well say that I have finished the landscaping and planting in the front yard although there's still some sort of paving to do outside the bifold doors but that can wait, so my attention is at last being drawn to the rear of my property. This area is affectionally known as "the bush" because it's remnant scrub that has evaded mulching by the council simply because it's on private property.

This bit of my block is on a sanddune, with a vertical drop of about 4m from the top of the property down to the house pad. The only reason the sand dune isn't flowing into my house is all that vegetation has kept it stable, so disturbing it will require some care.

I actually have some big plans for this area, including a pond, an alfresco area with pizza oven, and maybe even a japanese inspired zen garden. And that's only on the bottom tier! In line with my ideas of reuse, I'm thinking of terracing with old car tyres which are then rendered, and making seating from old windsurfing boards. And doing just a few more cosmetic renovations on the house.

I'll try and get some pictures up to illustrate the enormity of this task, then again, not as big a job as my plan to tackle that bougainvillea. Which, by the way, is flowering spectacularly at present and still the monstrosity it has always been. A very pretty failure that I can't possibly feel bad about....

Busy days ahead..

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