Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's on its way!

I don't know anything about weather, but have been anxiously perusing the NZ weather sites for any signs of impending storms and snow. With only 4 weeks till I become a ski goddess again I'd like to see whiteout rather than brown grass on the ski resort webcams. Soon, very soon!!

I've noticed that WA rain cycles seem to coincide with big snow dumps on New Zealand's southern lakes region, where I go when I ski. When I say coincide, I mean we get a big mob of rain and a few days later
NZ gets snow. And when we have a dry winter (like last year), they do too. I know, no proof whatsoever, but we did have lots of early rain in May then nothing much till September last year (so did they), and the year before we had lots of rain all season (so did they). This season we've started out pretty dry, with not alot of rain and last night guess what: biggest rainfall dumped in June for 3 years!! So look out New Zealand, there's some serious snow coming your way.. And apparently they're predicting more rain here on Tuesday, so NZ's looking good for the start of July.

Of course I've looked at the weather charts and I know that the weather patterns we get don't ever get to NZ coz they kind of drop off the map south into Antarctica. But I reckon something funny still happens. My theory is that the WA rain gods and the NZ snow gods are in cahoots, plotting their little plans together to trick and torment us mere mortals who rely on the weather to indulge in our favourite pasttimes. I'm a real sucker, coz I need snow in winter and those glorious seabreezes in summer to keep me in adrenaline fueled ecstacy. So as a true worshipper, I am totally prepared to do a snow dance in faroff WA just so the gods can be appeased and some white stuff starts floating down from the sky. No, not floating, dumping down please!!

The final four weeks will blitz by, mainly because from next weekend I will be spending every night falling asleep on the sofa. "The greatest tour in the world" begins next Saturday, and I just can't wait to live and breathe the lycra, sweat and scenery that is Le Tour de France. Though mostly I watch the start and middle, fall asleep 5km before the finish line and just wake up in time for the jersey ceremony. But I'm not that into the stage winning sprinters anyway, I'm more into the team strategies and the yellow jersey race. I'm glad that Lance Armstrong has at last retired, and I'll be keenly following those Schleck boys this year, having somewhat gone off last year's winner who has a drug slur over him. As much as I'd love Cadel to get up, I think his time has been and gone, but then they said that about Lance didn't they? Not that I think Cadel, or anyone for that matter, has the drive, cunning and team support that Armstrong had. He's got a big heart and sexy dimples though, Lance never did it for me!!

So I'm just off to do one more snow twirl then it's time to start reading up on the teams before the flag falls in the Vendee next Saturday. Vive le tour!!!

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