Sunday, July 10, 2011

2 weeks to go

After anxiously perusing the webcams, weather forecasts and ski forums for the last few weeks, it is extremely refreshing to now see beautiful white snow covering the mountains rather than brown tussock. The mother of all storms has hit the south island of New Zealand, and Treble Cone has received over a metre in 3 days! In order that this new snow doesn't just slide down the hill in an avalanche, the punters need to wait for it to pack down and for the ski patrol lads and lasses to deem the mountain safe. But with gale force
winds and more snow forecast for the next few days, any Aussie school holiday skiiers look to be spending half their trip by the fireside instead. Thank goodness I delayed my usual departure by a week, I'm hoping for bluebird days and great snow conditions by the time I get there. Can't wait!!

Another advantage of my cunningly timed trip (I usually book for after the Oz kids go back to school) is that watching the TDF live from NZ just isn't possible due to the time difference. WA time is just perfect: 8:30pm start with an 11:00 to 11:30 finish. Admittedly I'll miss the final day but it's usually all over bar the champagne by then anyway and the sprint up the Champs Elysee isn't really my cup of tea. Plus we know Cav's gonna win that again, ho hum.

I must say that at this point I am going to have to eat my words because Cadel is riding fantastically. And his team are providing admirable support, but whether they can do it in the mountains?? Am unsure whether Alberto has been avoiding steak recently, but his few little surges so far seem a little weak. We shall have to wait for Le Tourmalet where we will all be looking for the Schlecks and Contador to make their move. And for Cadel to stick to their wheels like the tenacious little bugger that he is. I'd love him to make his own break, and he actually looks strong enough this year to do it, but I'm no tactitian...

Back to Geraldton, where the weather has turned positively glacial and I am tucked up by the fire, with occasional forays outside for gardening jobs. The self seeded "cucumber" is starting to look like it isn't a cucumber and looking more like a paddy melon!! Haven't pulled it out in disgust just yet as I haven't totally confirmed it's a toxic weed. Soon, just waiting to see which way the fruits go. The broccoli looks great, but unlikely to flower before I leave so the neighbours can feast instead. Not bad payment for dog sitting I reckon. But the snow peas are producing, and I've lots of greens, a few capsicum coming on and a surplus of chillis. Hot chunky vege soup straight from the garden, yummo!!

After 11 months of regular gym work, I took a holiday last week, only venturing in for my regular Monday PT session. No runs, no squats, no core work, just pure unadulterated sloth!! I feel quite invigorated after the rest and will be back into it again for the next 2 weeks till I leave.

And then it'll be time to unleash the ski goddess...

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