Friday, April 27, 2012

Ski quest 2012

In 12 weeks I head off to NZ again to fulfil my duties as a ski goddess. Like someone's got to do it right??

Since the now infamous broken arm fiasco yours truly, AKA the ski goddess, has been trying her utmost to live up to the sobriquet by actually looking like one!! With somewhat limited success I might add.

Stage 1: grow hair, get blonde foils (mainly to cunningly hide the grey!) Produces a golden halo effect that fits the goddess theme rather well. My previous persona of short spiky hair with bright red patches? Not really....

Stage 2: get fit. Yeah I've banged on a bit about that recently, but suffice to say I am back at the gym, have put myself on a gruelling 12 week program of running and gym work which should see me buff and strong by July. If I can keep it up. And not indulge in too much sticky date pudding....

Stage 3: keep with the retro theme. Seriously, I love the onesy. I mean, if you are going to mine the goddess image as far as you can go and you are closer to 50 than 40, you need something that makes you stand out in a crowd of cute young chicky babes! And if anything says "goddess" more than a bright red onesy, do let me know.

Word is that the onesy is coming back into fashion too, so there!!


No, that is NOT a disco ball, I'm not THAT pathetic!!

Stage 4: try not to run into anyone, fall off a cliff, do anything stupid that causes me to injure myself. Now wouldn't that be a novelty? A whole ski trip without an injury....

Stage 5: ski with style. Goddesses ski with style. Hmmmm, work in progress...

Further suggestions for the goddess anyone? Just warning you though, no snide comments will be allowed through the moderator, the goddess will not be amused should her onesy be besmirched.

You got any idea how sweaty it gets posing for these photos in the heat today?? All in the name of "art".



  1. I like the red onsey--you look great in it! And nice to see your face after the chats we've had. :)

    PS: Yes to the foils! I'm red/blonde, with help from them, and it's a lot of fun!

    1. thanks Lisa. My blog has gone a bit anonymous since I changed the format and removed all the photos of me I used to have down the side. I plan to have an about me page where I'll resurrect a few of me in my travels. Soon..