Saturday, June 9, 2012

Things you do...

Imagine you are in the middle of summer, it's 40 degrees during the day, and overnight it cools down to the mid 20s. You are on a windsurfing holiday to Western Australia and have just discovered the thrill, and the sheer terror, of wave sailing. Actually, you haven't at this stage encountered huge waves closing out over your head because you are a pure novice in this discipline. Sure you can windsurf, but slashing it in big gnarly waves? You're a babe in the woods!!

You are on your way home to the other side of the country and decide to do a little sightseeing en route. I mean we are talking about a 4500km road trip here, a few side attractions are welcome. You decide to visit a well known landmark 600km inland. It's hot, humid and there's no water in sight.

Said landmark just so happens to bear a striking resemblance to a wave. Only it's made from the effect of weathering on rock over thousands of years. In the grand Australian tradition of naming something after the bleeding obvious - Snowy Mountains, Great Sandy Desert, Great Barrier Reef - this particular one goes by the name of Wave Rock. And it really does look the part.

Picturing the sweltering weather, imagine traipsing your windsurfing gear a few hundred metres from the campsite to the rock. Then rigging it up. Then somehow managing to get into your wetsuit, with sweat pouring off you, not an easy feat...

Set up tripod and camera, and take the shot.


  1. Ha ha great pic!
    You have a cool blog here :) I worked in Shark Bay for a few months when I was backpacking, love WA.

    1. thanks, these days I ride the real waves, but nothing quite that big yet!