Monday, July 9, 2012

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

This is a bit of a departure for me, as I love to carry a big camera, my tripod and a couple of lenses on most trips. For the last two years I've taken my dSLR with me to New Zealand and taken some nice shots, but if I'm to be totally truthful with myself, I could have got away without it. I mean, I'm staying in one place, going skiing most days, and there's only so many photos you can take of that lake right? And I never take the camera up onto the slopes with me, I'm too scared of falling and busting it.

So, this year I'm leaving it behind. Not that I won't be taking any pictures, they'll just be different. Because now that I've got an iPhone I'm trying something different. And enjoying the ride a lot.

Instagram is an iPhone app that seems to be extremely popular. It allows you to apply some digital changes to your photos without any pain at all in a digital darkroom. There's about 12 effects to choose from, then you upload it to the site. It couldn't be any easier to get all creative, and it sure is fun.

These are my footprints on the beach. I love how it brings out the contrast so it's almost 3D.

This is along Greenough River, on one of our walks. It's got that faded 70s polaroid look to it.

Another at Greenough River, just a stagnant waterhole at the end of the inlet but the high contrast makes it look a little better than that.

I really like this one. It's the three of us standing on a bridge. This is our reflections in the water, looks great in black and white.

                          Another black and white rendition of the dog in my life. Sweet as!

These are of the sand dunes south of Cervantes on the coast road to Perth. I scrolled through the effects till I got the one I wanted. I especially like the faux filmstrip border.
And finally, a grass tree against the blue sky, just north of Lancelin. I like the cloud treatment as well as the high contrast foreground. Would take me ages to get this effect in Lightroom.

So, armed with the Go-Pro for video (last year's footage wasn't worth airing) and my iPhone, expect to see something different from my next NZ trip. Not long now!


  1. Ahhh yes perhaps KISS and the '7 Ps' are the only good things I got out of school cadets

    Prior preparation and planning prevent piss poor performance!

    Now to put all of this into action....


  2. I like that one, nothing like a good pithy alliteration to stick in your mind forever. So, you two going somewhere??

  3. We are on the move looking to leave Euroland soonish. Got all sorts of ideas for travel on the way home but right now trying to match ideas to budget!