Friday, March 15, 2013

Crossing chickens

I do love a good plan.

And having made the definite decision to jump next year, there's a lot of planning to do. I'm as happy as a pig in mud!

First, sort out the finances. Email to accountant, check! Need to find out the best time for me to sell the money tree to minimise my tax exposure. Hey, you don't get to be a capitalist pig without a healthy dose of due diligence!

Second, compile a list of everything I no longer need and start selling it. Man, for a girl who has spent her entire life hoarding and finding second, third and fourth uses for things, you'd think this was going to be hard. But, surprisingly, the list of stuff to get rid of is growing huge, because it seems I really am ready to give up most of my possessions. This is telling me something really profound about my inner psyche methinks!

Third, get my beach house ready to rent out. This means a new roof and guttering and a little downstairs conversion to create a secure storage space for my stuff. The stuff I'm not getting rid of!

Fourth, where to go?

Well.......there's nowhere I don't want to go really. Aside from an active war zone I guess.

I'm really keen to get back to Indonesia again, to visit even more parts of that amazing archipelago. It annoys me that I can only get a 2 month visa, though it can be extended, because I'm pretty sure I could use up a year or more in that country alone! And my Bahasa got really good by the end of my 3 weeks in Java so a bit more practice and I might even become semi fluent!

Then there's the Phillipines, another archipelago I'd love to spend a few months exploring.

Next is Taiwan and Korea, and of course China. And I still have plans to visit Myanmar, why not add Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh?

Right, that's about 5 years already, and I haven't even left Asia....

About this point in time I told myself I've just got to stop planning. The world's just plain too big.

So, aside from a 2 month visa and a one way flight to Bali, I think that's about the extent of my forward travel plans.

Which means I can keep my eye out for one of those ridiculously cheap Air Asia flights.


  1. Hi, Naomi. This sounds very exciting!!! Back to Indonesia? Nice. And all those other countries? Wow!! Myanmar and Sri Lanka also interest me. Maybe we'll run into each other in one of them? :)

    How long will you be away for? Or is this a full-time/permant travel sort of scenario?

    1. definitely a permanent scenario Lisa, too many places to see to do it part time, particularly the slow way I travel!

      if our travel plans did collide that would be fun. we seem to have fairly similar likes and expectations around travel.

      not heading off for another year or so though, still gotta sort out the money!