Thursday, April 25, 2013

This wall's bigger than my wall

Whilst I'm in the process of building my own "great" wall I thought I'd show you a panorama I put together of the other, slightly more famous Great Wall, from our trip in 1989.

I suspect the restoration is now more advanced, that there's tacky tourist shops everywhere, and hopefully the public toilets have improved from a smelly concrete ditch in the middle of a room.

This is a pastiche from 5 photos, which I have scanned from negatives, merged using Photoshop then converted to Black and White in Lightroom because the colours were so washed out. My old films have deteriorated somewhat and there's a lot of yellow cast in them, which isn't pretty.

This section is at Badaling, north of Beijing. The main parking area is on the left of the photo and I have climbed up the wall some way to take these shots.I hope this  helps you appreciate the sheer scale of just this small section of the wall as it traverses the far hills.


you can see a larger, more detailed view here

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