Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Remind me why I'm not skiing in New Zealand this year?

The sacrifices one makes for one's future...

It has been a hard month. It has been cold (OK not Northern Hemisphere cold or even Melbourne cold) and wet for a good part of July, especially on my days off, meaning I've been suffering a little from cabin fever not being able to get out in the garden quite as much as I'd like.

Of course this is totally crazy because in the last month I've actually weeded almost the entire front and side yards and half the back yard, created another huge pile of compost, put seaweed down all over the front garden between all the raised garden beds, and am eating almost exclusively from the patch. And the Great Wall of Drummonds marches on...in between chainsaw massacre sessions on the local wattle species - ethnic cleansing in my backyard!!

But somehow I feel restricted. I feel I should be out there in the real world doing something more exciting than going to work three days a week. Like thumbing lifts up the mountain to TC...

I'm impatient for my new life. One that doesn't involve petty politics and telling parents that their child doesn't need antibiotics for a viral respiratory infection. And I'm agonising about whether I can financially extract myself.

The good news is I have found a real estate agent and as of next week one of my investment properties goes on the market. Whether it sells quickly or not is the question. Until it sells, I'm stuck with the day job.


  1. Sorry Naomi, but i cannot help you with that. :)

    1. Oh Klaus I am so missing my yearly dose of TC