Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ski goddess fitness challenge part 2

You know how it is. Book a trip somewhere fancy and then realise you need to be in shape before you get there. Whether it's in shape to cope with physically demanding activities, or in shape to look hot in a bikini, it's pretty well the same thing. Right now you are fat and flabby and that's not going to go down well on said booked holiday.

Vow to get fit/ get in shape. Publish your good intentions on your blog. Find a great 90 day exercise program and get going.

Yeah right!!

Start off doing daily exercises for 2 days. Feel good that you are really doing what you said you'd do. Then do no exercise for 3 days because you are just so damn tired from work. Then spend the following week and a half not doing anything either, even though you don't have any excuse except laziness for not getting back doing exercise.

Also fail to replace the blown out back tyre on your bike. Despite the fact that you bought a replacement tyre months ago, or was it last year already?

Finally, after purchasing new skis because you have at last convinced yourself that wider skis give you more options in Japan and that you'll use them for ski touring in New Zealand - oh yeah, start purchasing some back country gear too - read some articles about ski touring and start to feel guilty that you haven't done any exercise for 2 weeks. Vow to do some tomorrow.

Wait a couple of days for tomorrow to arrive.

Get out of bed, go downstairs to yoga room and do 3 days' worth of exercises in one session. Do lots of stretching afterwards then proceed to feel rather stiff and sore for most of the day. Ah, this is more like it, at least now you can feel the effects.

Vow to drink more water and less coffee and wine. Even consider giving up drinking wine for the next 3 months. Think about drinking a bit more tea.

Get up next morning and proceed to drink at least 3 coffees whilst chatting to mum on the phone before breakfast. Then procrastinate a few hours reading about walking through France, then at last change out of pyjamas into gym gear and proceed to do another 3 days' worth of exercises. Discover your abs are very sore after yesterday's effort, but that you are still capable of doing more than 150 squats!!

Have a late lunch, shower and head out in the rain to celebrate a bunch of September birthdays with the bookclub girls. Vow to drink no alcohol. Keep promise. Get laughed at by bookclub girls because they are sure you are going to have "toilet legs" by tomorrow after doing more than 150 squats today. Suffer all evening from sore abs...

Wake up next morning, still with slightly sore abs, but without "toilet legs". Do 60 squats, 60 lunges and a few other sundry exercises, completing 2 day's worth of the program, deciding to balk at the cardio program for today as you don't think the abs will cope with more mountain climbs quite yet. Gloat on Facebook that you don't have "toilet legs" but somewhere in the back of your mind know that you may just rue that gloat before long. Savour it anyway!

You have now completed 10 days of a 90 day program, but are still 5 days behind your original schedule. Contemplate how you are going to get through the next 3 days of work and also find time to do some exercise. Fail to replace back tyre on bicycle.

Torture yourself with pictures posted by your friends of them skiing in New Zealand. Peruse airline websites looking at flights to NZ for next year. Realise that if you lived on the east coast you'd probably be able to whizz over for a long weekend - not a possible scenario from regional WA. Note that this is not the first time this week you've been reminded how far in the boondocks you live...

Next morning wake early and decide you ought to put your alarm clock on for an earlier wake up since it's now getting lighter earlier. Wait for alarm to go off then doze another 15 minutes before getting up. Have no time for exercise before work, noting that your abs are still sore!

Come home after work and check your Facebook status. OK, how many of you will admit to that one?? Receive text from couch surfers cancelling their stay for the night. Looks like you'll have time to exercise after all!! Change into gym gear and get totally annihilated by the cardio workout. Decide that plank jacks are your new nemesis. Finish cardio workout and plan to leave more abs torture until tomorrow.

Acknowledge to yourself that the only reason that you are managing to stick to this routine is because you are writing a blog post about it. Figure that's not such a bad way to keep up the motivation but that it isn't really fair to inflict this level of mundanity on the reading public just to motivate yourself to get off your arse and exercise. Rack brain to think if there is any other way to break the procrastination cycle.


yep, still thinking....

I'll get back to you.


  1. Ha - love this post. So very true on so many levels. I should add reading blogs as another distraction/procrastination technique. Let me know when you find the ideal 90 day fitness challenge.

    1. I have told my current couch surfer he has to tell me to do my exercises tomorrow (didn't do any today) and he is also going to change my bike tyre (he's a cyclist). Happy days!

  2. What a familiar story except for the bit about skis.

    1. Hi Pat, thanks for visiting, everyone says it takes 3-4 weeks to form a habit. Getting there is the challenge!

  3. Love your honesty Naomi, "go girl, you can do it" "just do it" easy said isn't it? But oh so hard to keep motivated. Cold nights sitting by a warm fire with wine, cheese and crackers is my downfall. But now spring is here and we will be home on Wednesday, but only for 6 days as we then head to Nambucca Heads for a house sit on 20 acres looking after Alpacas AND it has a heated pool!!!!!!!!!! Must remember to pack my togs...

    1. Hi Pauline, I've been really enjoying your canberra posts, looks like Floriade lived up to your expectations. Nambucca sounds like heaven.