Sunday, April 29, 2018

Cutting the cord

Not long after returning to NZ I had laser treatment to my right eye after its retina started detaching as well. Harry seemed quite concerned at the time that his treatment may not be enough and told me to ring him should I get any worsening of my vision. I simply trusted him and went tramping instead.

But the anxiety is infectious. The ongoing saga of more and more detachments makes it hard to remain upbeat. When will I be able to be worry free and not need ongoing surveillance? When can I travel further without needing to return to Dunedin or Wanaka for another review?

Nevertheless, I walked the Copland Track, the Humpridge Track, and took an impromptu helicopter and jet boat ride into Fiordland.

I returned to the eye clinic 3 weeks later for my checkup, and this time I got awesome news. The right eye has settled down nicely, there's still a little ongoing inflammation in the left eye, and Harry had at last put in the request to ACC to fund my lens replacement surgery. I totally understand that he is a very busy man, it's only taken him 4 months....

I'm no longer on regular review, and am just awaiting my final operation, so the cord has been cut and I am now free to head further afield. With 6 weeks until I intend to return to Wanaka, the plan is to head north, and get the operation done once I'm back down south for the winter. I know I can ski with my current set up, but the contact lens I'm wearing to bridge the gap isn't exactly comfortable to wear.  But it will suffice for the time being, and let me do a bit more adventuring.

The news that I am no longer umbilically tied to Dunedin for eye reviews is a huge relief. I'm so happy I just needed to celebrate with a bottle of champers.


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