Friday, March 1, 2019

Day tramps and eye surgery

With a couple of days to spare before needing to head to Dunedin for more eye surgery, I went camping up the Waikawa River north of Gore and did a day walk to Titan Rocks. It's a really pretty area of lowland beech forest and swampy tussocky tops, with many rocky tors. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Then Dunedin, where I spent an extremely uncomfortable 30 minutes having Harry do yet more laser surgery on my right eye. Because the area of retina pulling off was in an awkward spot, it took all my concentration to keep my eye in the right position, and ended up being the most painful of all the procedures I've had done so far. But Harry always makes these experiences quite entertaining as he prattles on about all sorts of things. This time we were talking about helicopter rides....

From Dunedin I headed north, stopping in at Trotters Gorge which has a nice camping site and some lovely short walks.

Then on up the Waitaki to Omarama, where I sampled a seafood chowder for lunch, replied to an email, then headed off on a tramp to find a lake.

That's next....

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