Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Then there's blisters

I have narrow ankles. All new shoes rub. Then there's the issue of the left foot being smaller than the right, just enough to make the left be a bit more slip slidey than desirable.

I tried an extra sock on the left foot, to no avail. First big walk I had a small blister on left heel. Second walk I had a huge blister on left heel, time for drainage. Next walk, small blister right heel. Huge 5 hour walk yesterday, great big juicy mother the size of a golfball. So now I'm into stage 2, awaiting callous formation, happens everytime, why would I think I'd be spared this time?

Calf cramp. Definitely more painful than blisters (as long as I have good old Fixomul at my disposal) and a not so gentle reminder to STRETCH after a morning of walking. Massage booked for Friday - can't wait!

Hazel, by the way, is loving all this walking, though yesterday's 17km walk knocked her around a bit. She got home, drank a huge amount of water, dragged herself upstairs then plopped down on the floor with an almighty belch, and promptly fell asleep. It's a dog's life!!

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