Thursday, April 10, 2008

These boots are made for walking

Have just returned from a short trip to Perth and am now the proud owner of a pair of authentic walking boots. And a few other things thanks to Ikea!!

Also had fun buying clothes. Not only has technology developed in leaps and bounds, but the stuff actually looks quite nice as well. I have one t-shirt, made out of superfine merino, 2 long sleeve shirts made out of new age material that keeps you dry and cool and one of them even looks smart enough to be dressy. And one fleece, which will come in handy on aircon buses as well as on top of volcanoes at dawn. A friend gave me a pair of zip off trousers, so aside from one more pair of trousers, I'm set.

The boots are magnificent, having never owned real walking boots before I am in covetting mode. And these days you can even buy special socks (one for the left foot, the other for the, you guessed it, right foot) that wick away the moisture and also claim to reduce the odour!! I'll keep you posted my results after a good day in them.

The boots have had their maiden outing, a simple walk with Hazel around Tomato Lake with Hans and Lil. The right boot squeaks a bit and it certainly is a different feel to bludging around in thongs and sandals. No blisters or sore spots, and the socks are still odour free. I'm not washing the socks till they start to smell, I mean you've got to do proper field testing before heading off on adventurous trips through the Sumatran jungle!

Next big walk is tomorrow, meanwhile I'm off to stare adoringly at my new walking companions....

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