Thursday, June 26, 2008


G'day from Fiji!!

Currently we're moored off Wakaya Island, a small private island that we are not allowed to visit but can dive the reef. It's all private villas and expensive resort, but the best stuff is under water. Also, they've got free wireless internet access which is why I am posting.

The diving has been fantastic. Lots of beautiful soft coral, very healthy reefs with lots of fish life. The Americans on the boat are all behaving themselves, in fact they are enjoying themselves so much seeing all this wonderful Western Pacific sealife that they've never seen. Most have only dived the Carribean so are being spoilt here. It's kind of fun rubbing it in that all of this is in my backyard.

The kava here is not as strong as in Vanuatu. We have had one kava party on board, and were planning a village visit this afternoon but there has been a death in the village so no kava tonight afterall.

The internet connection isn't good enough to post pictures, sorry.

Must go, time to go diving with the mantas.

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  1. Have a great holiday, Curls will be around for tea on your return!
    Snogs Kate