Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Leschenault Estuary

I left Fiji on Saturday, flew down to Canberra for a few days to spend with mum and celebrate her birthday, then flew to Perth arriving Tuesday night. A trip to the Indonesian Consulate Wednesday morning to drop off my visa application meant I now had till Monday to head down to Australind to visit Brenda, Neil and family. On Thursday morning Hazel and I headed down the Kwinana freeway to visit the cold rainy south west. We arrived in time for hot soup for lunch!

Friday dawned with a rain soaked backyard but the promise of a few hours of sunshine and I was in great need of some decent exercise. I'd taken mum's pooch for a walk or two in Canberra but I really needed a good few hours to get my fitness back on track. So off I headed, this time with 2 dogs on leads and a generous supply of doggy bags, for a 3-4 hour walk up the Leschenault Estuary.

Sure the weather was grey and overcast most of the time, but it wasn't cold and it didn't rain. The path up the estuary goes alongside a road, and sometimes there is only the verge to walk along, so well restrained dogs are a must. Hazel actually behaved so well I let her walk the whole way off her lead, but Breacon was a different matter all together. He was great as long as we weren't too near the road, not really a problem as there were lots of places to explore and many swimming opportunities for 2 energetic pooches.Being wetlands there is no shortage of birdlife, many allowing me to get relatively close for photos, though the dogs' curiosity tended to scare them off. Even so, I manage a few good shots.
After an hour and a half, when the road turned inland and away from the estuary, we turned around and walked back to Brenda and Neil's. All up it took 3 hours and I felt I'd got the muscles working again. A good stretch and an afternoon walk to pick up Zoe from school managed to work out any aches and pains so I'm ready for more.

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