Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life really is a beach!!

The wonderful thing about being home after six and a half months is the appreciation for where I live. Many people I've met whilst travelling had been amazed that I'd avoided spending any time at all chilling out on a beach. As I'd proudly explained to them, I live on a beach.

Hazel was very happy to see me, despite being looked after extremely well by Cate my house sitter. There have been no recriminations so far, just lots of hugs and cuddles. Going out and leaving her at home does cause her considerable anxiety however, so I'm not returning to work for a couple of weeks to get her back into the swing of things.

True to form, the wind kicked up by 11 am, and within a few hours of flying in to Geraldton I'd loaded the car and was off to Coros for a windsurf. Only a small swell but perfect 4.5m weather for me to get out and have some fun. I'm a bit weak in the upper body though, so only lasted a couple of hours. All the gang were down there so there was lots of socialising as well. Hazel of course was in her element, Coros being a second home for her.Monday was hot with no wind, so a leisurely walk along the beach and a swim in the turquoise waters was in order. Aaah, this is the life.

Then it was just a matter of slipping into the hammock with a glass of wine in time to watch the sun set over the water....

Yep, life really is a beach.

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