Monday, July 6, 2009

Another trip on the cards

Good old New Zealand for putting out the bunting for my first ski trip for years! The recent snow should mean I'll be in for some awesome fun on the slopes at Treble Cone in 2 weeks time. I've lost the required centimetres from around my butt so I fit nice and snugly in the bright red bunny suit without any fear of ripping a seam on a difficult descent. Must remember to pack the matching lippy!! Who ever said skiing wasn't about looking good??

Following this trip I'll have to spend a few months rebuilding the coffers, but then along comes an Air Asia deal too good to refuse and well, Indonesia here I come - again!

This time I'm flying into Jakarta and out of Bali, with the plan to explore the heavily populated island of Java, and yes climb a few volcanos. I'm not going till March next year ( something to do with work commitments and holiday entitlements) but have already realised that one month is just not going to be enough time to do the sort of exploring that I like to do. Plus it'll be the tail end of the wet season which might make some climbs out of the question due to mud slides and such nasties that seem to occur far too often due to excessive deforestation.

So I have to hit the books and internet and start researching just what places I really really want to visit.

I have also done something really stupid, having booked my flights in and out of Indonesia to make a total of 31 days, meaning I'll need to get a 60 day visa instead of the 30 day visa on arrival. Because the day one arrives is Day 1, regardless of time of day, a visa really only lasts 29 days. So that's an extra 30 bucks for two extra nights, hardly going to break the bank, but annoying all the same!

It also means scrubbing up on the Bahasa Indonesian, which I'm looking forward to returning to, like a familiar old friend. Helps with some of the websites too, though the Jakarta slang on the forums can be a bit difficult to navigate. Nothing a bit of practice can't remedy...

Am not mentioning anything to Hazel just yet......

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