Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad weather day

Day two in southern NZ and the weather has closed in and closed the mountain. Hopefully this means a big dump of fresh snow, and cross fingers it only lasts a day.

Meanwhile, down here at the lake it's a cold rainy blustery day, gee it must be winter! You forget about this weather living in the Mediterranean climes of Geraldton when even the winter rains aren't that unpleasant, but at least I'm prepared with all the winter woollies.

Today the jetlag has hit proper. Perhaps the adrenaline of yesterday's rush masked it all, but after a fitful sleep last night, I was glad to return to bed for a few hours after finding out my trip up the mountain was off. At last I dragged myself out (at 6:45am WA time!!) and hit the shops for not one, but two, double shots of espresso. I now feel half normal and that caffeine headache has disappeared for a while.

Ellie, one of the couple I trekked Tiger Leaping Gorge with in China last year, is campervanning around the South Island and is meeting up with me for a few days skiing. But first I'm off to explore the cinema, apparently an institution around here with a bar, wacky seating and an old fashioned intermission. Can think of worse ways to spend an evening!

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