Sunday, July 17, 2011

The internet is a cruel thing

I am green with envy. Too much salivating over the webcams and posted videos of Treble Cone's opening day when a pristine white mountain got shredded. If I didn't have this access to all that information I'd be none the wiser and would just be looking forward to my ski trip without all the extra excitement. Frankly, the anticipation of skiing for six weeks on a well covered mountain when I'm seriously ski fit is almost killing me.

if you want to know what I'm talking about,
check this out:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the rain keeps falling and my garden looks awesome. The paddy melon got evicted soon after my last post, and the broccoli have begun to flower. Whether they grow enough this week for me to harvest any is an unknown. I swear some plants triple in size overnight!!

My new 9000L watertank is full, the gutters have been cleared of debris and I've just to resurrect the fence where the small watertank buckled it so the neighbours can put in their veges. If the rain keeps up for a few more days I'll have two full tanks! I like this rain, I'm sure it'll be heading over the ditch in a week or so as snow after it's rammed into antarctica and kicked back up to the west side of the south island. Well I'm sticking to my metereological theory anyway, it worked mighty fine the week before!!

I'm all packed so now it's a matter of getting through all the last minute chores, updating my facebook page on the daily countdown till I leave, and somehow struggling through one more week of work. Uggggh!!

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