Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goddess on ice

After a wonderful 2 weeks of fantastic snow conditions we are now experiencing some rather nasty freeze-thaw weather combined with high winds which have turned the snow fields rather icy. Bad memories of the top of Thredbo come to mind... but never fear, more snow will arrive soon enough and I can stop freaking out at the grating noise of skis skidding across what feels like a skate rink.

The good news is that after a week of really hard work and the combined efforts of Guenther and Heidi I can now find an edge on my skis and actually make it across the rink, down the steep slopes and carve my way somewhat stylishly into the queue line without making a complete arse of myself, or land on my arse for that matter! Let's just say things are on the up.
The hostel crowd are a fun bunch and last Saturday I cooked a roast dinner for 13 people. Two legs of lamb and a massive pile of veges. Went down a treat and I even converted a few people to lamb. The secret is the slow cooking, something certain windsurfing friends will never forgive me for after cooking a roast once after a big day out on the waves and we didn't eat till after 10!! We drank a hell of a lot of nice bottles of my red wine that night though....ungrateful wretches.

Have run into "freestyle John" a few times, but since he skis Cardrona and I ski TC we haven't seen alot of each other. He did pop over to TC on Sunday when Cardies was closed but I only did one run with him because ice skating just isn't my thing. Call me a piker, but I came here to enjoy myself, not break another bone!! Apparently there were people windsurfing on the lake in the freezing winds on Sunday - these Kiwis sure are a hardy lot!

With just less than 4 weeks to go I think I'm on track to achieving my goals for this trip, so tomorrow, once the ice melts a bit, I'm hitting the bumps.

I will try not to break anything.....

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