Friday, March 9, 2012

Snapping triffids OMG!!!

Last week I headed down to Perth to attend a meeting and workshop, taking Hazel with me on a road trip down the wonderful Indian Ocean Drive, past towering sand dunes and little shack communities with their deep blue ocean backdrop. No way I'll ever bother with Brand Highway again, boring!!

We stayed with my good friend Naomi and the kids in Scarborough, but on Saturday I caught up with Eleanor (you may remember her from Fiji - "best dive trip EVAH!!") for a wander around the Sculptures by the Sea at Cottlesloe Beach. Eleanor and a friend are doing a photography project where they challenge each other to take photos and post them to a blog every 2 weeks, each taking turns at picking a theme. I just don't have the self discipline to do something like that, sigh....

I did, however, have my camera with me. Eleanor and I looked quite the thing snapping away with our SLRs, but sometimes you've just got to ham it up!

The installations really took advantage of the setting.

Red shoes heading up the hill like ants
Blocks made from blankets
 Banksias - these are made of copper wire and stones
And then there were the triffids
A bad knitting day?
Be scared, be very scared!

Balancing act



Ship mates

Then on Sunday we drove home.....

for more photos click here

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