Friday, December 28, 2012

And now a word from the boss

As 2012 draws to an end, mum said I could have another guest appearance on her blog. Her blog?? It's got my picture on it not hers!! She wasn't too happy when she found out I'd hacked her account last time, but she eventually saw the funny side.

Mum's been a bit sad lately, because she keeps hearing about other dogs who have passed on. I think she's getting in practice for when I go, because let's face it, those stairs can be a bit of an effort for an old girl like me, and mum notices these things and gets mighty upset. When I have bad days, when the old arthritis gives me the gyps, she even cries!! I give her a bit of a lick and try and comfort her a little, but mostly, I just climb up on the spare bed downstairs and snooze the day away.

We don't go for many walks anymore, which kind of pisses me off, because I like the beach lots. My favourite thing is rolling on my back in the wet sand, here's a video:
Of course sometimes I do get a bit sore if I overdo it, but I'm pretty cruisy these days, just stroll along taking my time, checking the smells and tree mail. Mum tries to get me to go swimming, but I'm pretty wise to that one and run away. Trouble is, she's too wily for me, and she ends up tricking me by catching me, carrying me in to the water and then holding onto my hips while I try to swim back into shore. And she has the nerve to call it physiotherapy. More like humiliation!!

Because I'm such a slow coach, mum's taken to disappearing every morning while I'm still sleeping and going running by herself. I was pissed off at first, but now I just enjoy the sleep in, and when she returns I lazily stir, and think, "oh, been out exercising have you?" and go back to sleep. Aah the life!

Because of the gammy hips, mum's been taking me to the vet, which I hate, for injections and medicine. I admit they help, but mum has to force me in through those doors. I mean the place smells horrid, they seem to delight in sticking things up my arse, and they are far too stingy with the liver treats!! I'm a centenarian, give me some respect!!

Talking about respect, I've got a new little nipper causing me a few headaches. My mates next door, the gang that I stay with when mum goes away and whose verandah I like to sit on most days, have gone and got themselves a new puppy. I was pretty annoyed at first, so I chewed a shoe just to let them know my feelings, and then they went and put up the gates and locked me out!! Guess I shouldn't have chewed the shoe after all....

Maggie's not a bad young thing. She's small enough I could probably eat her in two mouthfuls, and although she persists in jumping all over me, especially jumping up in my face which is incredibly annoying, I'm being the older stateswoman. I've given her a couple of little growls, but mostly I'm just ignoring her. We've played down the beach a few times - she quite enjoys the meandering smelling game too - we've chewed a few sticks together, and she's even been over here a few times while the gang are out. Let's just say, I'm tolerating her youthful exuberance! And teaching her who's boss. Besides, I don't think she's that smart, she'll need someone like me to teach her the ropes.

Mum didn't take me camping down at Coros this year, which I don't really mind. It's nice and cool on the tiled floor in the bathroom, or downstairs on the spare bed, and these days I find I don't cope too well with the heat. Boy it's a bummer getting old!

Anyway, that's enough of my banging on about all my aches and pains. Mum didn't think I'd make it through to this summer, but here I am, still in good nick and loving life. I want to wish you all a happy 2013, when I'll be turning 15 and planning on keeping mum happy too. But you know, whatever happens happens, and it's so important to be thankful for what you've got. And I've got the best mum evah!!


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