Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birthday Girl

Today is Hazel's 15th Birthday.

We started the day with a lovely little snuggle in bed, something that hasn't happened for quite a while as she prefers sleeping on the bathroom floor. The cooler weather means she's changed her mind and joins me on the doona during the night.
who wouldn't give her a cuddle?
After ringing grandma it was off to the market for supplies for the week. Had a chat with Freddie who gave me a little advice on growing Florence Fennel, commiserated with Anh about my poor okra crop, and picked up a curry leaf plant that Dave had dug up for me. I love the friendly community that has developed at our Farmer's Market.

Then it was off to Coronation Beach, Hazel's second home, for a long wander along the shoreline, a quick dip, and a climb up to the lookout to check out the awesome swell coming through. Pity there's no wind....

Back home we visited the neighbours, because Carter and Hazel have a special bond that even a coterie of his mates can't break. In fact all the boys love Hazel to pieces, she has that effect on most humans. Maggie the pup is becoming less boisterous with her as well.

After a morning of exertion there was nothing for it but an afternoon nap.

And another chillout sunset.


  1. What a beautiful dog with so much love in her old eyes. I'm sure she could squeeze into the back-pack next time you go travelling :)

    1. She's been around Australia a few times, flown in single engine planes out to remote Aboriginal communities, but these days she doesn't even like car trips much.

  2. Oh my goodness, she's gorgeous! We have a 13 year old dog and we're moving from London to Sydney and for a while it was looking like she was too old to fly long haul but thankfully she has the all clear and is coming home! Great post, Happy birthday Hazel!

    1. Oh so glad you can take her with you, I'd not want to have to make that decision. One reason I'm delaying my own long term travel plans. Hazel says thanks for the birthday wishes