Friday, May 10, 2013

May garden report

Golly gosh, another month done and dusted. I've been rather busy in the backyard building my next tier of retaining wall, with more steps, out of more donated tyres. Such a good feeling being an eco-warrior in my own little way. No photos for now, OK, a teaser, here's the trailer and back of the troopie full after my last foray to the tyre place.

In the vege patch, we've at last had rain. It was our first winter storm and aside from washing half the community basketball court and a good deal of beach away, it's been filling my water tanks and frying a few plants. I really need to set up a proper wind break for the winter storms as I think these winds cause more damage than the summer winds. Mainly because the garden has much more exposure to the northwest (where the storms come from) than the south or east where the summer winds originate. Time for creative shade cloth 101.

 bean plant looking a wee bit fried courtesy of our first winter storm.

Meanwhile, lettuce is growing madly everywhere, due to my careless scattering of seedheads from summer. I like picking off just enough leaves for a salad so I'm not complaining. The okra plants are slowly beginning to produce, but it's hardly a bumper crop, yes I am complaining about that.
one freaking fruit, how is that gonna make a meal?

The one serendipitous butternut pumpkin plant is still producing, looking forward to a nice yummy pumpkin soup in a month or so.

getting bigger and juicier by the day

Two dragon fruit flowers did their thang a few weeks ago, now I have to wait very patiently for the fruits to swell and grow and ripen.

that brown dead bit is the shrivelled up flower, with the big green bulbous bit being the fruit slowly developing

I thought I'd lost the rhubarb in February, but it has recovered. The stalks are a bit spindly but it can fatten up with a bit of yummy plant food.

I love rhubarb, mmmm

The broccoli seedlings, which are actually in one of the most exposed spots, really thrive when the weather starts to get a bit narky. Have you ever seen a more happy looking crop?

bring on windy cold rainy conditions, they love it!

The passionfruit vine is on it's way over the new pergola. Can't wait to see what havoc it gets up to whilst I'm away in NZ for 3 months.

no more pinching out the side growths, go forth and occupy!
With all the wind and rain the frangipani still managed to hold onto a few delicate flowers. It is definitely my favourite decorative tree.

And finally, a wee view of the garden from the verandah, complete with my messiness exposed. It's a composite picture so excuse the gaps.

Ciao for now, the sun's out at last and there's laundry to be done...

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