Sunday, May 31, 2015

4 weeks till retirement

With four weeks to go I am now in the process of downsizing my professional life. Mostly this is clearing up any issues at work, deciding what pieces of professional equipment and library I'll keep or give away and going through my email archives deleting everything that is no longer needed.

Then there is the seemingly endless unsubscribing from email lists, professional organisations etc etc etc.

Since a fair amount of these come through my work email address (which will be shut down when I leave) rather than my personal one, this isn't a particularly onerous task, but since I am initially holding on to a few subscriptions (in the heavily discounted "retired" category) I need to transition everything I am keeping over to my personal email/mailing addresses.

It also seems only right to do my bit to save the planet by unsubscribing as much as possible, or else the magazines just keep coming, years after doctors leave our practice.

I've got 10 clinical days and 2 teaching visits left. That's not much at all is it?

I've become an expert in tax law, in fact my obsession with money at the moment is all consuming. Totally understandable given the huge change about to happen, but I'll be glad when it's all over. With my final pays I'm maximising my salary sacrifice benefits and contributing the maximum pre tax super contributions before the end of the financial year. I'm counting every penny.

The contract for the sale of Marrickville has been prepared, an auction date determined, and soon my tenants will receive notice.

There is precious little left for me to do.

I am literally counting the days, even half days, till it is all over.

I've given up thinking about my back. I get twinges now and then but most of the stiffness is gone. I'm still noticeably weaker: my bridges have a sag and my lunges are all over the shop!

My ski fitness is pretty poor, but it's better than it was in January prior to me going to Japan. Certainly my core strength is better. I'm still struggling to get into a regular exercise routine and hope to be back running soon. Really enjoying the new bike, but haven't been out on it as much as I should.

The ski gear is all packed. Has been for quite a while. Just have to add a few apres clothes and the electronics and I'm done. I have a "job" in Wanaka cleaning rooms at the backpacker hostel 2 days a week in exchange for free accommodation, plus I do night reception 3 evenings. All sorted.

Ah, it's a waiting game...


  1. I'm getting excited for you!

    1. Ha ha, I don't think I can get excited until I've finished work, and then I might go party a little!

  2. Have fun Naomi, you've got it sorted....