Monday, February 18, 2019

More eye issues

I returned to NZ mid February. Partially because it's always too hot back home then so why not go somewhere where the weather is better ( I decided against a northern hemisphere ski holiday), and partially because I had another appointment with my eye specialist. Admittedly I could easily have seen one in Australia, but I couldn't be bothered with the palaver of finding yet another new GP to organise a referral, and then to go through the whole convoluted story again. So back to see quirky chatty Harry it was.

I had tried to wean off the steroid drops as directed but had been unable to due to persistent pain, so was keen for an objective view of how much ongoing inflammation there was. Harry confirmed my suspicions that I needed to continue with twice daily drops, and that's where I've stayed ever since.

More importantly, I hadn't had the other eye reviewed since May last year, after having a section of retina lasered back on. Unfortunately Harry found another area starting to peel away, so I needed to return to Dunedin for a bit more laser. But not in any urgency this time thank goodness, which gave me time to go do something I'd been thinking of doing for some time: purchase a packraft.

That's next....

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