Sunday, February 17, 2019

Summer with my windsurfing family

At the end of November I flew home to WA, stopping in Perth en route to visit my favourite munchkins and their mother for our annual funny faces photo.

Then on to Geraldton by bus, where I picked up the car and camper trailer for some summer camping at Coronation Beach. Unfortunately 18 months in storage had flattened all my batteries so it was a somewhat expensive exercise getting resorted.

The flat was in good condition, but needed a bit of a clean after being vacant for 12 months, and then it was off to Coros for some much needed sun, sand and surf.

The windsurfing family, being a bunch of locals and regular visitors from all over the globe, were all pleased to see me again and despite it taking a little longer than usual to brush off the cobwebs, I was soon back enjoying some sweet rides with my friends.

I took the camper down for the full 4 weeks, which is pretty much glamping what with solar power, a hot shower, and even internet now available due to the tower erected up on the highway above Drummonds. And with so many friends also camping down there, it's a fun time.

Back home mid January it was time for house chores, like maintenance and biting the bullet to put in new air conditioners as the old one never worked well. I kind of wish I'd done it years ago....

One big job I tackled was to waterproof the cellar I have. What was once a car pit in a garage is now being used for storage, and since the brickwork was never waterproofed, I needed to paint a membrane on the walls and floor before replacing the flooring. It was a massive job cleaning the mouldy walls and floor with vinegar prior to drying it out fully with a heater for a few days, before applying at least three coats of rubber membrane paint. I'll find out how successful it is when I next return.

Because in mid February I flew back to NZ for more tramping adventures......

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