Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blister upon blister

The feted McKay feet have struck again!! Thanks mum for that bit of genetic material, which ensures that all shoes give my feet hell.
I've now had the boots for over a month and every time I go walking I get another blister on top of the last one. Only the left heel, the right is basically sorted. I've tried numerous sock combinations, but last Sunday night I hit the wall. I was in so much pain I actually had to take pain killers!! Strong ones!!

Yesterday we only did an abridged version at Greenough, just to Devlins Pool return -5.6km- as my foot just wasn't up to it. S and S then sent me off to sort out that boot.

Well I went to the chemist, where there's all sorts of foot inserts, in fact too much choice I was confused, so I resorted to Plan B. Visit your friendly local podiatrist. Simple solution according to them, a heel insert.
So here it is, inserted in said left boot. Blisters mending, hopefully Sunday will be better (got out of prior commitment so looking forward to Sunday walk up the Moresby Ranges)

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