Monday, May 12, 2008

White Peak

Geraldton lacks altitude. A few flat topped hills euphemistically called the Moresby Ranges and a funny little hummock called White Peak. Once part of a large farm that's mostly carved up into 5 acre lots, White Peak stands out like a large pimple amongst the real estate signs and partially ploughed fields. Still covered in native vegetation and home to a few roos and wallabies, it was crying out for us to check it out.

Early Sunday we parked at the end of the road, just past yet another ugly McMansion with obligatory flag on the pole (real parochial this lot, it was a WA flag!!) and headed off to climb "the peak". We followed a mixture of animal tracks and water flows through the lower vegetation before tackling the loose rubble to reach the summit. That took 20 minutes!! Even with some stops to check out the different plants and gnamma holes.
Having gained the summit we decided we needed to up the ante. So down we went, to the other side of the hill, where we turned around and found another route up to the top and over again. There are some great rocks and vegetation on that small hill, as well as great views up and down the coast. There are even some challenging bits especially descending over the top rubble to the safe zone where the vegetation recommences.
We only did the climb twice, though Hazel spied some movement whilst we were on the summit so I think she made the climb at least three times!!
We'll definitely repeat this climb, certainly close enough to home to use as a regular training walk, and will be interesting to see more of the vegetation in flower.

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