Tuesday, October 22, 2013


How is my garden going? I hear you ask. Damn fine thank you!

My house sitter this time around did a wonderful job of looking after my dog, house and garden. Not only did I arrive back to a cleaner than clean house, a very content pooch and a pantry still stocked with food, but the garden was alive and wasn't a weed infested jungle. Thankyou Mel, feel free to use me as a referee for future house sits.

Whilst I was away it rained. A lot. In fact it's still raining. This is extremely unusual for Geraldton, but has resulted in very happy plants indeed. Especially the fruit trees.

One of the grape vines I planted earlier this year has almost climbed to the top, but the passionfruit has gone bananas. It won't be long before I'm harvesting my first crop!

The mango tree is putting out some lateral shoots, and I need to keep an eye on what's causing the browning of its leaves. Probably a nutrient problem - a never-ending complaint with our porous soils.

The dragonfruit plants have all put on lots of new succulent growth. I'll be expecting a greater quantity of showy flowers and fruit next year. Hopefully from more than one plant too...

Meanwhile in the backyard the mulberry tree has produced a bumper crop. I'm gorging myself on these berries high in Vit C and antioxidants, even if my guts are purple from tongue to ....

I planted a number of papaya trees along the northern tropical patch, and one is now budding. I've had a few smaller fruits drop too early, but I'm hoping that this one will grow to maturity.

The fig tree has pushed out a couple of little fruits, but it's not actually fig season so I suspect they'll drop soon enough. I struggle to get figs to grow here - no idea why, it's a mediterranean climate.

In the patch itself I've just planted watermelon and rockmelon seeds. I planted too late last year and the heat knocked em off. Hopefully I'll be harvesting by Christmas.

The citrus are all in need of a little TLC but it's mostly cosmetic. After stressing the lemon out a couple of years ago transplanting it, it at last looks like its roots are off and away and there's a promise of fruit.

Next time I'll give you a veggie update.

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