Monday, January 6, 2014


Full day at work today. Basic breakfast of muesli and yoghurt then found a pretty paltry harvest for lunch. Mixed with a cucumber, half an avocado, mung beans, chickpeas and the last of the beef roast it'll do.

I'm shattered by the time I get home. Work tires me out. It certainly doesn't leave me invigorated. A sneaky Cherry Ripe from the servo after fuelling up the gas guzzler helped me feel slightly better, but I didnt feel like cooking up a storm. This is where it's time for comfort food. Boil up some Basmati rice and add whatever's around: a clove of garlic, soy sauce and chilli sauce, chickpeas and mung beans, fried shallots. Quick nutritious meal in less than five minutes.

Mung beans, if you haven't noticed, are pretty popular in my diet. They are so nutritious, and always having a spoonful of beans working away in the sprouter keeps me in continuous supply. Once one lot of sprouts is almost ready I put the next lot on. You don't need to have a sprouter as I have, you can just use a jar. One kilo of mung beans costs $3.10, one teaspoon of beans makes a batch big enough for 2-3 meals.

Spent today: $2.50 (the Cherry Ripe!)

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