Saturday, January 4, 2014


This morning, with coffee, I had muesli and yoghurt, supplemented with two fresh strawberries and a few passionfruit from the garden.

I don't know where the morning went, and with the wind rattling the windows it was time for lunch and to go windsurfing.

The lettuce seedlings aren't yet big enough to harvest daily, so today's greens consisted of lots of Italian parsley which grows everywhere in my garden. It self seeds from previous crops and makes a great salad accompaniment.

The rest of today's salad were chives, a Black Russian tomato, more haloumi fried in olive oil, another slice of beef chopped into cubes and the last of the current batch of chickpeas. Also a handful of mung bean sprouts and a spoonful of those yummy fried shallots again!

The afternoon was a wild old day out on the waves getting tossed and smashed in some big swell. The waves weren't quite as good as yesterday and the wind a bit gusty. Just can't please some people can you...

A handful of nuts saw me through to dinner, by which time I was far too exhausted to cook anything special so I went for an old favourite: pilau. Out to the garden to pick some veges and greens.

Chop 1/2 onion finely and add to oil in a frypan - I used coconut oil - with a generous teaspoonful of curry powder and a couple of fresh red chillies. (Feel free to omit the chillies!) I was out of garlic, but I'd usually add a clove if I had some. Once the onion is soft and the aromas are releasing, add your chopped veges. From my garden I used a small aubergine, 2 small red capsicums and one small green capsicum and one large Roma tomato. Fry these for about a minute then add 1/2 cup of rice and fry for another minute. Add a small slice of cooked meat that has been cubed and one cup of water, bring to boil then cover with a well fitting lid and turn the heat down to low. Allow the rice to soak up all the liquids (about 3-4 minutes) and then add chopped greens - in my case some Asian spinach and parsley from the garden. After a minute turn the heat off and allow the meal to fully soak up all the liquid - don't take the lid off.

Pig out - I've earned it. Celebrate 2 great windsurfing days in a row with a nice glass of Margaret River Shiraz/Cabernet Savignon.

No money spent today, all the fruit and veg except the onion came from the garden. Must put some chickpeas to soak before I go to bed...

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