Thursday, September 5, 2013

Conquering Roy

I have come to Wanaka for 6 years in a row. Admittedly I only came for 2 weeks the first two times, and in 2010 I broke my arm, but I have no excuses for 2010 onwards.

This year, I donned the trainers, packed the daypack and headed up the hill. The long, winding, switchback track that is the climb to Mt Roy.

There are two reasons to climb Mt Roy: for the exercise and for the view. If there was a gondola option, I'd take that.

But if you're a Wanaka local you do Mt Roy as a training exercise for your next mountain race. I counted no less than 5 hardy souls doing the up and down run, god love em!

Aside from the fact that the walk is steep the entire way, with no respite at all in the gradient, it offers spectacular views over the lake and surrounding landscape.

 A little snow up the top made for some careful stepping, and the view at the top made the long slog so worth the effort.

And as for the walk back down: no comment!!

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