Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lambie goes on a road trip

Meet Lambie. Born in China and adopted by a storekeeper in Arrowtown NZ, she was given away as an unwanted item to anyone who spent more than $50 in said storekeeper's tacky little souvenir shop. One day a German lass came into the store, bought some presents for family back home, spent the requisite amount but she didn't want Lambie either.

Luckily for Lambie, that German lass had just been to Paradise, and her road trip companion was quite happy to give Lambie a new home. Even if it was just on a bed at a backpackers in Wanaka. But Lambie knew there would be a day, a day when her new owner would go on another road trip, and she'd be joining her. Well that day at last dawned and Lambie took her seat for a grand adventure.

Lambie had to sit in the back, squished between bags, because there was a chap from England, let's call him Nigel, who also came along for the ride. But Lambie didn't mind, she was going places she'd never been before. No longer was she unwanted stock in a crappy backwater near Queenstown, she was going to see the world!

The jolly trio headed out of Wanaka one bright sunny Monday and headed north, over the Lindis Pass, past the Ohau turnoff, then turned left to Mt Cook. Nigel will point it out for you.

Once at Mt Cook village, the ski goddess enquired about Heliski trips, Nigel learnt all about the place in the museum, and Lambie just sat around looking pretty and working on her tan.

A short walk up a small ridge afforded a good view of the Tasman glacier lake and terminal moraine.

The next morning the gang headed up the Hooker valley,

crossed 3 swing bridges,

heard and saw a big avalanche as a lump of ice fell off a glacial ledge,

and arrived at the base of Hooker glacier.

Then on the way back Lambie almost got taken by a rare New Zealand falcon!

Well that's all for today folks!

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